Affordable Housing and Housing Affordability

Affordable housing is a priority issue in my campaign for Pasco City Council. Every member of our community should realize his or her dream to own a home, but that is only possible if there is a home for every budget. If elected, I will work closely with my other Council members and the Planning Commission on a city plan to achieve a balance between our city building requirements and home development costs. I know that through dialogue and exchange of ideas, both the city and the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors will find that balance. Achieving a solution that works for all is a goal that I will work for. I applaud the work that the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors does to plan for and develop housing options for our growing community, and in representing both builders and homebuyers. Special thanks to Ken Poletski for this video message! #TCAR #AffordableHousing #VoteNikki

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